Company Profile



We are the manufacture of Hugh Quality Cycle, Sport and Fashion gloves for the
last fifty years. We are ISO 9001 certified company. We have acquired quality
system in 1998 by the dent of high workman ship. Superb skills and commitment
towards the quality, our product are recognized in all the UK, European countries
and USA.

History of the Company 

Sports Corner was established in 1956, it is an exclusive manufacturer/exporter
of best quality Sport, Fashion and Dress Gloves in Sialkot. We are the founder
 of Gloves industry in Sialkot.


Production Capacity

Sports Gloves                           =        10,000 Pairs/ month

Covering Area                          =        20,000 Square feet

Total Manpower                       =        80 People all together




Sports Corner is committed to supply its customers by providing, on time defect
free Quality Products, of their choice at competitive Rates.




1.                 Purchasing

2.                 Inspection

3.                 Cutting

4.                 In process Inspection

5.                 Stitching

6.                 In process Inspection

7.                 Final Inspection

8.                 Packing.



Quality Control Activities


          For Better quality control activities are being used:

  1. Sending customer feed backs to check the performance of our company.

  2. Taking Corrective and preventive action the customerís complaints or
    feedbacks to remove the root cause of non-conformity and stop it from
    happening again.

  3. Process control charts for better control on rework and take cutting or our

  4. Graphs to analysis the cause of rejection or rework and take preventive
    measures to solve it.

  5. Pre to diagrams to locate the root cause.

  6. In process inspections to stop and reduce the production of non-conforming

a)  Better production planning which enable us to meet he highest level
     of customers satisfaction by providing the quality products on time. 


a)     We are the first company in Pakistan which is certified in Sports Gloves

b)     We have 2% rate of rejection. 

c)      Our Rate of rework is decreased from 18% to 6-7% and it is still decreasing.